ROBOT魂 ver. A.N.I.M.E. GAT-X103 暴風鋼彈


在《機動戰士鋼彈SEED》中,出現的GAT-X103 Buster(バスターガンダム),這是由大西洋聯邦與地球聯合軍合作企業秘密建造的五架鋼彈試作機之一,隸屬於資源衛星「希奈波利斯」。

經歷第一次血色情人節戰爭後,根據Buster的機體數據,地球聯合軍製造出「暴風刃」(バスターダガー)。隨後,阿克泰昂企業開發後續機種GAT-X103AP翠綠暴風鋼彈(Verde Buster)。



儘管是五部鋼彈中攻擊指數最高的一款,但卻沒有進行近身肉搏戰所需的光束刀和盾牌。2024年7月上市的ROBOT魂 ver. A.N.I.M.E. GAT-X103 暴風鋼彈包括:

鋼彈本體、左右各4種替換手腕、手腕收納板、4種220mm 6管飛彈效果、反裝甲霰彈槍效果、350mm槍發射器/超高衝量遠程狙擊步槍組合效果、94毫米高能收斂火力步槍效果、350毫米槍發射器轉接器零件。其尺寸高度約125毫米,材質主要以ABS和PVC為基礎。

In "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED," the GAT-X103 Buster (バスターガンダム) appears as one of the five Gundam prototype units secretly constructed through the collaboration of the Atlantic Federation and the Earth Alliance, belonging to the resource satellite "Heliopolis."

After the first Bloody Valentine War, based on the data from Buster's mobile suit, the Earth Alliance manufactures the "Buster Dagger" (バスターダガー). Subsequently, Aktaion Corporation develops the successor model GAT-X103AP Verde Buster.

After being captured by ZAFT, the Buster Gundam, along with the Duel Gundam, embarks on missions. Participating in the Operation Spit Break during the Euro Alliance Liberation War after being captured by the Archangel, it later suffers severe damage from the Justice and Freedom Gundams. To protect the Duel Gundam, the Buster Gundam successfully eliminates the invading Gundam through long-range sniper rifle attacks, ultimately completing its mission.

Piloted by Dearka Elsman, this MS (Mobile Suit) with long-to-medium-range artillery capabilities possesses heavy firepower. Originally aligned with the Earth Alliance, it later joins the ZAFT's final three-ship alliance. Its primary color scheme includes earth white, green, and orange-red.

Despite having the highest attack rating among the five Gundams, it lacks the beam saber and shield required for close-quarters combat.

The ROBOT Spirits ver. A.N.I.M.E. GAT-X103 Buster, released in July 2024, includes the Gundam body, 4 types of interchangeable wrists for each side, wrist storage plates, 4 types of 220mm 6-tube missile effects, anti-armor shotgun effects, 350mm gun launcher/ultra-high-impulse long-range sniper rifle combination effects, 94mm high-energy converging firepower rifle effects, and 350mm gun launcher adapter parts. The approximate height of the model is 125mm, and the materials primarily include ABS and PVC.