《百獸王五獅王》(百獣王ゴライオン)50周年紀念版 即將上市


早期由日本東映製作的電視卡通《百獸王五獅王》(百獣王ゴライオン)在80年代是相當受歡迎的合體機器人動畫。後來,美國的世界節目製作公司(WEP)取得了版權,將東映的《機甲艦隊》(機甲艦隊ダイラガーXV)與《百獸王五獅王》合併成了「Voltron: Defender of the Universe」(聖戰士:宇宙的保護神)並在美國播放。


「ゴライオン」(Go Lion)指的是獅子,故事發生在1999年的地球,當時發生第三次世界大戰,整個星球幾乎毀滅,人類也淪為奴隸。五位來自伽爾拉星(ガルラ)監獄的青年逃到附近的阿爾提亞(アルテア)王國,希望法拉(ファーラ)公主能重新啟動傳說中被封印的「五獅王(ゴライオン)」,來對抗由邪惡半獸人統治的伽爾拉星帝國。

五獅組合的機器人在數千年前曾因向宇宙女神挑戰而失敗,被分別封印在阿爾提亞各地,成功再次甦醒後,將使用「十王劍(Blazing Sword)」來斬殺敵人。


「超合金魂 GX-71SP 百獸王 50周年紀念」GOLION/VOLTRON CHOGOKIN50th Ver.的主要材料包括ABS、PVC及部分合金零件,搭配十王劍、光速刃等配件。顏色部分主要參考1981年DX超合金版本進行著色,並強化電鍍處理,使機器人看起來更具光澤。底座則是採用超合金魂系列的黑色,全高約270MM。

The early Japanese TV cartoon "Beast King GoLion" (百獣王ゴライオン) produced by Toei Animation was a popular mecha anime in the 1980s. Later, the World Events Productions (WEP) in the United States acquired the rights and merged Toei's "Armored Fleet Dairugger XV" (機甲艦隊ダイラガーXV) with "Beast King GoLion" to create "Voltron: Defender of the Universe," which was broadcast in the United States.

The cartoon was also aired in Taiwan at the time, but due to some episodes being edited, many viewers couldn't fully understand the later story developments. WEP's writers completely restructured the original main plot, leading to exceptionally high viewership in the United States at the time, and the global sales of associated merchandise were remarkable. Even today, the prices of the original die-cast toys remain high in the second-hand market.

"ゴライオン" refers to a lion, and the story is set in 1999 on Earth during the Third World War, resulting in near-total destruction of the planet and enslavement of humanity. Five youths escape from the Galra Empire's prison on Galra and seek refuge in the nearby Altea Kingdom. They hope that Princess Fala can reactivate the legendary "Beast King (GoLion)" sealed away, enabling them to confront the evil Galra Empire ruled by monstrous half-beastmen.

The combined robot of the five lions was sealed in various locations around Altea thousands of years ago after challenging the goddess of the universe and failing. Upon successful awakening, the robot wields the "Blazing Sword" to slay its enemies.

The main body of the robot consists of the "Black Lion," which opens up the head and thighs when combined; the "Green Lion," forming the left arm; the "Red Lion," forming the right arm; the "Blue Lion," forming the right lower leg; and the "Yellow Lion," forming the left lower leg.

he "Soul of Chogokin GX-71SP Beast King 50th Anniversary" GOLION/VOLTRON CHOGOKIN50th Ver. is primarily made of ABS, PVC, and some alloy parts, accompanied by accessories such as the Blazing Sword and Speed Cutter. The color scheme mainly references the 1981 DX die-cast version, with enhanced chrome-plating to give the robot a more glossy appearance. The base is in the black color typical of the Soul of Chogokin series, with a total height of approximately 270mm.