以下是 iPhone中隱藏的5種聲音設置:





5.打開健康 app,選擇聽覺,可以看到之前耳機的音量級別。然後下滑找到耳機通知,開啟耳機通知的選項。當耳機的聲音過大時,就會收到提示。

Here are 5 hidden sound settings in the iPhone:

If the volume seems too low during calls, you can adjust the settings as follows: Go to Settings, then Accessibility, choose Hearing Devices, and toggle on Hearing Aid Compatibility. This will increase the call volume even without a hearing aid.

In Settings, locate Music, click on Equalizer, and set it to Night Mode to increase the volume.

If dust accumulates in the phone's speaker over time, it may affect sound quality. Open Shortcuts, select Run, then raise the volume to the maximum. The phone will emit an audio vibration to blow out the dust. Simply wipe it clean afterwards.

Open Settings, go to Control Center, and add Hearing to the options. Then, swipe down the Control Center, tap on Hearing to enable white noise, which can aid in sleep.

Open the Health app, select Hearing, where you can view the previous headphone volume levels. Scroll down to find Headphone Notifications and toggle it on. You'll receive a notification if the headphone volume is too high.