回國以後,Elvira 開始進行深入的市場調查和產品研究。她對珍珠奶茶的起源、製作過程和口味進行全面了解,並開始考慮如何在當地開設一家專門售賣這種茶飲的店鋪。


2024 年1月底,Elvira終於實現她的夢想,成功開設自己的珍珠奶茶店。雖然起初只有兩位員工,但她對未來的擴展充滿信心,希望能夠吸引更多當地人和外國遊客的喜愛。她計劃不斷改進和創新,為顧客帶來更多驚喜和美味,並在未來擴展更多的分店,讓更多人能夠品嚐到這種美味的茶飲。


24-year-old Ukrainian girl Elvira unexpectedly discovered the popularity of bubble tea during a trip to Germany two years ago. She was deeply drawn to the unique taste and rich flavor of this tea beverage, especially noticing that most of the customers were Asian tourists and students. This experience inspired Elvira to bring this popular Asian beverage back to her hometown.

Upon returning home, Elvira began conducting in-depth market research and product studies. She gained a comprehensive understanding of the origin, production process, and flavor of bubble tea, and began considering how to open a specialty shop selling this beverage locally.

She not only contacted suppliers in Taiwan but also actively sought professional knowledge and techniques related to the production and preparation of bubble tea. She was committed to ensuring that the bubble tea in her shop maintained the highest quality and taste, consistent with the authentic flavors found in Asia.

In late January 2024, Elvira finally realized her dream and successfully opened her own bubble tea shop. Although initially having only two employees, she is confident in expanding in the future, hoping to attract more local people and foreign tourists. She plans to continuously improve and innovate, bringing more surprises and deliciousness to her customers, and expanding more branches in the future, allowing more people to taste this delicious beverage.

Elvira's story is not only a story of a young woman pursuing her dreams but also a touching story of transcending cultural boundaries and bringing deliciousness to more people.