「DX超合金魂 無敵鐵金剛50周年紀念版」於2023年12月28日上市!


《無敵鐵金剛 MAZINGER》是一部著名的日本機器人動畫作品,也被稱為《鐵甲萬能俠 MAZINGER》。這部動畫由日本漫畫家永井豪創作,於1972年首次播出。《無敵鐵金剛 MAZINGER》是早期日本超級機器人類型動畫的代表作之一,對後來的機器人動畫產生了深遠的影響。


《無敵鐵金剛 MAZINGER》以其引人入勝的劇情、刺激的戰鬥場面和令人難忘的角色設計而受到觀眾的喜愛。該系列的影響力不僅僅體現在動畫和漫畫上,還在玩具、遊戲和其他媒體上產生廣泛的影響,成為日本機器人動畫文化的重要代表之一。

「DX超合金魂 無敵鐵金剛50周年紀念版」於2023年12月28日由BANDAI SPIRITS的TAMASHII NATIONS推出,售價為84,700日元。50周年紀念版將2012年無敵鐵金剛的基礎上進行強化,採用全新的金屬塗裝,呈現出更佳的質感,同時也展現內部的機械組件。腹部經過新的設計,可以通過發射器發射金剛飛彈。配件包括「金剛飛翼」、「金剛飛刀」和替換的左右手零件。

"Mazinger Z" is a famous Japanese mecha anime series, also known as "Tranzor Z" or "Mazinger". Created by Japanese manga artist Go Nagai, it first aired in 1972. "Mazinger Z" is considered one of the seminal works of early Japanese super robot anime and has had a profound influence on subsequent robot anime.

The story is set in a future world where technology is highly advanced. To protect the Earth from alien invasions and evil forces, humanity develops a series of giant robots and engages in battles.

"Mazinger Z" is beloved by audiences for its gripping storyline, intense battle scenes, and memorable character designs. Its influence extends beyond just anime and manga, impacting toys, games, and other media, making it a significant representative of Japanese mecha anime culture.

The "DX Chogokin Soul Mazinger Z 50th Anniversary Ver." was released on December 28, 2023, by BANDAI SPIRITS' TAMASHII NATIONS division, priced at 84,700 Japanese yen. This 50th-anniversary edition enhances the 2012 version of Mazinger Z with new metal coating for a better texture and showcases internal mechanical components. The abdomen has a new design that allows for launching Mazinger Missiles. Accessories include the "Mazinger Wing," "Mazinger Blade," and interchangeable left and right hand parts.